Our Activites

Daily Pooja Celebrations

Daily Snan and Shringar of Bhagwati Mahakali is performed for Divya Darshan.Daily Hawan (Yagya) is performed for obtaining peace in the world and for environmental purification.Rudrabhishek with shodshopchar pooja of Lord Shiva is also held with vedic mantras. Many stotras and bhajans are also chanted. This program gives unique relief and relaxation to the devotees who take part.Suryopashthan, Suryarghya, Arti and Bhog are also the part of daily pooja celebrations.

Rudrabhisek Mahotsava Celebration

In the month of Shrawana (August) daily Rudrabhishek with Shodshopcharpooja is performed in a special manner. It is performed with 51 kg. (sava man)of cow milk with Brahmins (Panditas) chanting Rudri Paath. Yajmanas fromdistant places also take part in this poojan program. Brahmins chant vedic mantras and pray for the wellbeing of the yajmanas. A very excellent and soothing program it is which enables a yajman (poojak) to achieve his target

Navratra Mahotsava Celebrations

Navratras are one ofthe main festivals of this institution. People have a great devotion to Goddess Durga and they take part in these programs with a great enthusiasm. Twice in ayear in the months of Chaitra (March-April) and Ashwin (September-October)Navratras are celebrated. Devotees of Goddess Durga, from many distant placesalso, take part in these festivals as Yajmanas. Hundreds of Akhand Jyotis fornine days are burnt. Many Panditas and Acharyas perform pooja, Durga sapta shati path and hawana (Yagya) for the welfare of the yajmanas. The festival lasts fornine days. In the night of 8th navratra on (Ashtami night) Durga saptashatihawana is performed. Next day i.e. the 9th day (on Navami) Kanya Poojan (poojanof nine virgins of the age 3 to 11 as the swroopas of Navdurgas) is celebrated . Bhandara is also organized after Kanya Poojan in which thousands of people take Bhagwati prasadam.

Other Pooja Utsavas

Special Chatur Prahar Pooja is performed during the night of Mahashivratri. Devotees of Lord Shiva gather and pray during the whole night. Rudrabhishek and shodshopchar pooja is performed four times in the night. In the next morning shivprasadam is distributed.Many other festivals like Basant Panchami, Basantotsava (Dhulandi or Phaga), Guru Purnima, Shrikrisna Janmashtami, Deepawali and Annakut are also celebrated.Programs of Japa, Dhyana, Satsanga, Kirtana etc. and preaching on religion and spiritualism (Dharma and Adhyatma) are also held from time to time.

Misc. Pooja Anushthanas

Kaal Sarp Dosha Shanti – People from distant places also come to alleviate the ill effects of Kaal Sarp Yoga in their Kundli by performing Rudrabhishek with Shodshopchar pooja of Lord Shiva and get much satisfied.
Mahamritunjaya Anusthanas, Grahashanti, Gayatarijapa etc. are also organized to help yajmanas (the people who want to do so to fulfill their wishes).A scientific and jyotish related solution is also advised to the people facing miseries and having problems in their lives.