About us

Location – It is situated at National Highway-10, Hisar Road, in the south west direction of HANSI, District Hisar (Haryana) between the highway and west jamuna canal surrounded by green fields and trees having natural scenic beauty.

Ideal – Salvation and Service.

Aim – Practice and preaching of “Sanatana Dharma”,the eternal religion of man.

Method – Work and Worship.

Symbol –Has a great concealed meaning. The outer circle stands for the world, where the two vedic slogans (Yato Dharmastato Jaya and Satyamev Jayate) are written,means a man should live and work in this world according to the teachings of religion and that is the path of Truth. And Truth is always the winner. Water in inner circle stands for this Sansar Samudra (worldly ocean) where man should live like a lotus, which lives in water but never mix with it, and when the sun of wisdom (Gyana) shines in his life he will reach the goal (Parmatma Tatwa)i.e. Aum. Concisely it means that man in this world should live like a lotus,work truly, attain wisdom and reach the goal, Parmatma Tatwa.