Gyananand Mission, a religious and spiritual institution, was started in the good name of Shrimat Swami Gyananand Puri ji Maharaj, a Bengal born Sanyasi, by his disciple Shrimat Swami Lokeshwaranand Puri ji Maharaj with the assistance and blessings of his Guru. It is situated at N.H.10, in HANSI, District Hisar (Haryana) between the highway and west jamuna canal surrounded by green fields and trees having natural scenic beauty. It is a famous religious and spiritual place attracting people to obtain peace of mind and to fulfill the worldly desires by worshiping the Almighty in various deities (swaroopas).

Settle on the Eternal ‘Sanatan Dharma’

Our mission is to bring the 155.52 Trillion years old eternal ‘way of life’ known as Sanatan Dharma mentioned in Vedic Mathematics to all the beings.

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Our Institution


Gyan Ghat

In the south of the Ashrama Bhawan it is built in the West Jamuna Canal for sacred bath on the auspicious occasions like Baishakhi,



Adorned with many idols of Gods and Goddesses like Lord Shiva and Shivlinga (with Pariwar), Bhagwati Mahakali, Hanumana , Ram Darbara,



Built in the heart of the Ashrama Bhawan, Daily hawana (yagya) is performed here It is a worth seeing place, built according to vedicprinciples,


Gau Sadan

Situated on the bank of West Jamuna Canal in the south of the Ashrama.It has presently about Thirty cows and calves with a gorgeous bullock


Swasthya Sadhna Mandir

Situated in the lap of nature Swasthya Sadhna Mandir helps people to maintain their physical and mental health to live a healthy and prosperous life